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Jean-Baptiste Molière framed uniface cliché bronze plaque


Code: 10174


Di: 9.3cm (3.7")

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin "Molière​​"​​​​​ (1622-1673). French playwright, actor & poet.
Framed uniface cliché plaque in bronze
By François Augustin Caunois (1787–1859)

An attractive framed portrait plaque of Molière (France's most famous playwright), dating to 1844. The plaque was produced by the French medalist and sculptor François Augustin Caunois (1787–1859). It can also be found in the form of a medal [see Musée Carnavalet, Paris - ND78] with the verso representing the Fontaine Molière (Molière Fountain) which was unveiled in the French capital as a memorial to honour Molière in 1844.