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Set of Twenty-Four Portraits of English Monarchs, William I to James I


Code: 10197


H: 29cm (11.4")W: 20cm (7.9")

Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc) (1649-1697) 
after Edward Lutterell (Luttrell) (c. 1650-1737)
Set of twenty-four portraits of English Monarchs, William I to James I
Line Engravings, Late 17th/Early 18th Century Impressions 
On laid paper 
Currently unframed 
Dimensions: 28 cm x 20 cm (each)

Each image within a decorative oval border with the name of the monarch set out on a tablature within an engraved rectangular frame and signed within the plate "E. Luttrell delin." and "P. Vanderbank Sculp." 

An attractive and very scarce set of prints which covers a comprehensive period of English history from 1066-1625. The British Museum does hold a complete set of these prints but the National Portrait Gallery only holds 19 of the 24 images herein. 


For the National Portrait Galleries images of these prints see as follows: William II (NPG D23612); Henry I (NPG D23615); King Stephen (NPG D23622); Henry II (NPG D23628); Richard I (NPG D23637); King John (NPG D23651); Henry III (NPG D23663); Edward I (NPG D23675); Edward II (NPG D23685); Edward III (NPG D23701); Richard II (NPG D23719); Henry IV (NPG D23725); Henry V (NPG D23748); Edward IV (NPG D7989 & D19161); Henry VII (NPG D23832, D19578 & D7990); Henry VIII (NPG D24160 & D24161); Edward VII (NPG D24809); Mary I (NPG D21384, D21385, D24875 and D24879); James I (NPG D25698 & D25706)