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John Walsh Walsh "Pompeian" blue glass vase


Code: 10362


H: 19.8cm (7.8")

John Walsh Walsh "Pompeian" vase
Hand blown blue glass 
Birmingham, England 
Circa 1929   
Dimensions: 19.8 cm high

Etched "WALSH" mark to the foot. Rough snapped pontil mark.

In 1927 William Riley took over as the Director of the John Walsh Walsh Glassworks in Birmingham. Riley was married to Catherine Walker (the great grand-daughter of John Walsh Walsh). He was a qualified engineer and, under his leadership, the company developed a number of innovative new processes and ranges.

The vase here is a striking example from the ‘Pompeian’ range, introduced by Riley at John Walsh Walsh in 1929. The glass incorpotates a high number of air bubbles within the glass, in imitation of the early Roman glass found at Pompeii.