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An unusual verre églomisé gilded glass tarot card tray or dish


Code: 10404


W: 14.6cm (5.7")L: 29.8cm (11.7")

An unusual verre églomisé tarot card tray or dish
Reverse printed and gilded with an image of "The Emperor" 
Probably European
Mid to late 20th Century

Measures: 29.8 cm long x 14.6 cm wide

The glass, reverse printed in coloured enamels and back gilded with an image of "The Emperor" from the standard early 20th Century, Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. 

The card is the IV (forth) of the Trump Cards of the "Major Arcana", associated with positive symbolism and connotations of benign figures of earthly power. An unusual and very cool object.