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Engraving of James II (1633-1701) as Duke of York


Code: 10445


H: 48cm (18.9")W: 27.9cm (11")

James II (1633-1701) as Duke of York
Engraving by David Loggan (1633-92)
Published by Moses Pitt (c. 1639–1697)
London, Circa 1680
Measures: 48 cm x 27.9 cm (sheet)

Engraving of James II as Duke of York. Portrait full length, wearing shoulder-length wig, lace cravat, silk robes with Mantle of Order of the Garter, Garter Badge on left shoulder and Garter Collar with George to the neck. Tassels and sword visible beneath the robes, and shoes with large bows. Inscribed in Latin beneath the image "Serenissimus Princeps Jacobus Dux Eboracensis &ct.". With the publication details "Sold by Moses Pitt at ye Angel in St Pauls Churchyard" (lower left) and "D. Loggan Sculp." (lower right). First state (of two) with the text beneath for James as Duke of York (before amendment and reissue as King).

A fine portrait engraving of James II as Duke of York, before his accession to the throne in 1685. The print originally appeared as a plate in Moses Pitt's "English Atlas" of 1680.

Borders trimmed.