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An Excellent & Extensive Croquet Set of Superior Quality


Code: 10493

A Very Good Croquet Set
An Excellent & Extensive Set of High Quality 
Complete with Numerous Additional Accessories
English, Mid 20th Century
Measurements:- Various

An unmarked set but of a very superior quality: the mallets having premium lignum vitae heads etc. The set consists of:-

Four adult-size mallets (with lignum vitae heads and beech wood handles); four turned wood, full-size, balls, surfaced with milled rings; six heavy gauge iron hoops; a hoop drill; a hoop mallet; four additional coloured 'arches'; two posts with detchable finials (for starting and finishing/turning); four coloured hoop clips; a compartmentalized storage box with iron handles. 

All in all, wonderful set. The additions allowing for variations of the game to be played.