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19th Century Russian papier mâché snuff box Commemorating 1814 Peace


Code: 10497


H: 2cm (0.8")Di: 10cm (3.9")

19th Century Russian Lacquer Papier Mâché Snuff Box
Commemorating the Glorious Peace of 1814 
Decorated with a print of Emperor Alexander I
and Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna by 
Salvatore Cardelli (1773-1840)
Russian (almost certainly P.I. Korobov Factory)
Circa 1814
10 cm diameter x 2 cm high

The lacquered papier mâché factory of Peter Ivanovich Korobov (1752-1819) was established at Danilkovo near Moscow in 1796. The Italian engraver Salvatore Cardelli (1773-1840) arrived at St Petersburg in the same year and in due course became the official court engraver to His Imperial Majesty Tsar Alexander I. The lid of this box is decorated with a miniature version of an allegorical print by Salvatore Cardelli entitled the "Peace of Europe". The Russian eagle holds wreaths over the heads of Emperor Alexander I (made from Olive Branches) and his wife Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna (Oak Leaves). Alexander carries a further olive branch and there are two panels with Cyrillic writing either side to which the Empress gesticulates which translate as "Your firmness saved Europe" / "Your victory brought peace" beneath is written "Миръ Европы  1814 Года" ("Peace of Europe" / "The Year 1814").