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Portrait Plaque of, Tsar Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, Circa 1814


Code: 10567


Di: 9cm (3.5")

Tsar Alexander I, Emperor of Russia (1759-1825)
By André Galle (1777-1844)
Gilt Bronze Medallic Portrait Plaque
Circa 1814
Plaque: 67.5mm diameter
Frame: 90.0 mm diameter

Alexander I portrait medal, gilt-metal cliché, by André Galle, lareate head to right, lettered ALEXANDER I – IMP RUSSORUM, signed below truncation, GALLE FECIT, within neo-classical bronze frame beneath convex glass with with ribon loop for suspension. Galle's original trade label verso with the text "Galle aîné / Graveur et Médaillea / Vieille rue du Temple / No. 44, / A Paris," About extremely fine. Rare. (Diakov -)