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Antique French Cushion Shaped Lacquered Papier-Mâché Star Pattern Tray


Code: 10576


H: 3cm (1.2")W: 43.5cm (17.1")L: 55.5cm (21.9")

Antique French Lacquered Papier-Mâché Star Pattern Tray
Cushion shape and of good size
Late 19th-Early 20th Century

Measures: 55.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 3 cm (approx.)

An antique French tray with a gold starfield pattern on green lacquered, compressed papier-mâché. Of rectangular cushion shape with rounded corners, the tray slightly bowed towards the middle for rotating and keeping items together.

In good condition. The pattern worn with age and usage. Some chipping and scuffing. The back scratched with usage. A sound and attractive tray, made during the Belle Époque and which has seen a lot of service since then, probably in a château or smart brasserie.