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Large Magnum Size Black Glass Top Hat Champagne Wine Cooler Ice Bucket


Code: 10628


H: 28cm (11")Di: 22cm (8.7")

An Unusual Magnum Size Champagne Wine Cooler in the Form of a Very Tall Top Hat
Hand Blown Glass
Probably English or American
Late 19th-Early 20th Century
Measures:- 28 cm high x 22 cm diameter

A very large and rare hand blown glass top hat ice bucket. The form conforming to the shape of the taller "stovepipe" style of hat from the Victorian era. Interestingly, although the glass appears black in normal lighting conditions it is, in fact, a very beautiful deep amethyst colour.

See images for scale beside an ordinary bottle of champagne and a magnum and with a light shining through to display the amethyst hue of the glass.

NB.:- This item is not one of the mid-century modern glass top hats of more recent manufacture. It is considerably larger, has wear commensurate with age and of a tone of glass which confirms it as being antique.