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Wedgwood Jasperware Plaque of "William Shakespeare" (1564–1616)


Code: 10979


H: 10.8cm (4.3")W: 8.2cm (3.2")

"William Shakespeare" (1564–1616)
Oval Portrait Profile Plaque
after the original 18th Century model
by William Hackwood (c. 1757–1839)
Pale Blue & White Jasperware
Wedgwood, Staffordshire, England
20th Century (after 18th Century original)

10.8 cm high x 8.2 cm wide (Oval)

A Wedgwood pale blue & white jasperware portrait plaque of Shakespeare, originally modelled by William Hackwood (c. 1757–1839).

This bust was first modelled for Wedgwood by the young William Hackwood in 1777. It was in production, unchanged, over a long period of time. The example here dates to the 20th Century.